Watch: Tug Has Trouble with Cruise Ship in San Francisco

Check out this incident video showing a tugboat being trapped between the cruise ship Star Princess and a pier in San Francisco. The incident took place on October 2 at San Francisco's James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27. Not many details are available, including whether or not the tug or pier were damaged in the incident. One thing is certain, however... that … [Read more...]

New Video Shows Stolt Tanker Explode in South Korea A new video obtained by Tradewinds shows the moment a Stolt tanker exploded while preparing for a ship-to-ship cargo transfer in Busan, South Korea over the weekend. As we reported, about a dozen people suffered only minor injuries when the explosion rocked the cargo section of the 43,000 dwt chemical tanker Stolt … [Read more...]

Stolt Tanker Rocked by Major Explosion in Ulsan, South Korea

Update: Stolt Tankers reports that the fire in the cargo section of Stolt Groenland has been extinguished. The Bow Dalian, which was moored alongside at the time of the explosion, has been moved away to an adjacent berth. One crew member on board the Stolt Groenland sustained minor injuries in the blast. Odfjell said its Bow Dalian was preparing for ship-to-ship … [Read more...]

Remembering September 11: BOATLIFT, An Amazing Tale of 9/11 Resilience As the World Trade Center buildings burned and collapsed on September 11, 2001, a half million people were evacuated from Lower Manhattan by a civilian flotilla of ferries, tug boats and other vessels in what became the largest boatlift in history. BOATLIFT – An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience, is a touching tribute to that … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Hydrofoil Containerships Are Now A Thing (maybe) Boundary Layer Technologies is a new startup that wants to build small, fast hydrofoil cargo ships to compete with airplanes in the transport of high value, time-critical cargo. They are a new company that just launched this year but they have already built and operated their first hydrofoil containership! (Well, actually it's really a … [Read more...]