The Maritime Stories That Shaped the Decade

As the 2010's come to a close, we're taking a look back at the maritime stories that kept us talking the most these last ten years.  Deepwater Horizon For me, the Deepwater Horizon was one of those "I'll never forget where was when I first heard" kind of events. I was sitting in my home office in San Luis Obispo, probably contemplating how the heck to make gCaptain … [Read more...]

gCaptain Invites You To The Launch Of gS…

Ready for something BIG? For over twelve years our crew have built gCaptain from a small blog into the world's most visited maritime website and we are ready for the next BIG challenge.  While we remain committed to bringing you the highest quality maritime news daily our founder and CEO, Captain John Konrad, is embarking on a new business venture. A brand new … [Read more...]

gCaptain’s 10 Most-Viewed Stories of 2018

Another year in the books here at gCaptain. And what a crazy year it was. As always we'd like to give a special thanks to you, our loyal readers, for making this whole possible. But without further ado, here are the 10 most-viewed stories in 2018: 10. Norwegian Frigate Intentionally Grounded Collision with Oil Tanker 9. Drilling Mud Spills from Transocean Barents Off … [Read more...]

gCaptain is Hiring!

Are writing, shared experiences, and working at sea in your blood? Are you hoping to combine a maritime or offshore career with creative writing? If so, gCaptain is looking for writers to join our digital publication as a key contributor to the editorial team. Job Requirements: Writers will serve as contributors to the digital publication. As is true with any reputable … [Read more...]

US Company Claims Ownership Of Plimsoll Mark

In 2017 alone, over ten billion tons of cargo was carried by the world's fleet of over 50,000 registered ships. Each of those ships is unique - they fly the flag of over 100 different countries, hail from over a 1,000 and employee crew from every nation on earth. No two ships are identical except that, painted at the waterline of each of these ships, is the same simple mark, … [Read more...]