The U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland Department of the Environment and Evergreen Marine Corporation, in partnership with multiple state and local responders, refloat the Ever Forward Sunday, April 17, 2022, in the Chesapeake Bay. U.S. Coast Guard

gCaptain’s TOP 10 Most-Viewed Stories of 2022

Mike Schuler
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December 22, 2022

What a crazy year it’s been! By the end of 2022, will have racked up more than 32 million pageviews. As you can see from the list below, the fallout from Russia’s war in Ukraine dominated the headlines this year, but sprinkled in are some important maritime stories like gCaptain’s exclusive reporting on the American ship detained in Indonesia, the U.S. Navy’s decision to shut down the Red Hill fuel storage facility in Hawaii, and the Ever Forward grounding, among others.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the TOP 10 most-viewed articles on in 2022:

10. Russian Oligarch Fails To Pay Superyacht Crew

9. Russian Separatists Seize Cargo Ships

8. EXCLUSIVE: American Ship Captain, Accused of Anchoring Illegally, Detained by Indonesian Navy for 24 Days

7. Historic WWII Destroyer USS The Sullivans Sinks At Pier

6. US Navy To Shutdown World’s Largest Underground Bunker Fuel Tanks

5. Ships Carrying Big Sugar Cargoes Head Toward Russia as Store Shelves Empty

4. China Welcomes Russian Oil Tankers With Alternative Payment Options

3. General Average Declared for Ever Forward After Unsuccesful Attempts to Refloat the Ship

2. Bangladesh Seeks $22.4 Million Insurance Claim from Missile Strike on Ship in Ukraine

1. Bankrupt Cruise Ship Departs On Last ‘Cruise To Nowhere’


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