Solving the Ocean Plastic Crisis Starts With Asia -Opinion

By Adam Minter (Bloomberg Opinion) -- Since Jan. 1, when China stopped accepting the rich world's recyclable plastic waste, it's gotten a ton of criticism for worsening the already deep crisis of ocean plastic pollution. But China isn't the only culprit here. This is a crisis made — and growing worse — throughout developing Asia. Just eight countries in the region are … [Read more...]

WATCH: How To Find A Message In A Bottle At Sea "Messages in bottles have saved lives, led to marriage, and reunited folks with lost loved ones." says Clint Buffington, the world's most successful message in a bottle hunter. But how does he do it? Watch this video to find out or visit Clint's website to learn more.  … [Read more...]

Seas of Plastic

    By Jaquelyn Burton (Coeval, Inc.) Garbage is a problem. But, plastic is the real disaster - it is as valid on land as it is on the seas. In fact, a lot of the plastics in the seas came there by way of the cities and towns that are along the coastlines of the world. The trash that blows into the harbor and bays - that which comes from alongside the … [Read more...]

Can This Ocean Array Rid The World’s Oceans of Harmful Plastics?

We first heard about this concept back in late 2012 when a first year aerospace engineering student named Boyan Slat gave a TED talk about how the so-called "Great Pacific Garbage patch", and all of the world's oceans for that matter, can essentially clean themselves of harmful plastics. (See: Can The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Clean Itself?) Now, 19-year-old Slat is back … [Read more...]