America’s Waterway Watch – A Coast Guard Public Service Announcement

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December 5, 2008

The United States Coast Guard is trying to remind mariners and the American public in general to remain vigilant.  They have a short journal entry concerning the America’s Waterways Watch program on their Coast Guard Journal.  It reads:

uscg logoYOU can help the Coast Guard keep America’s waterways safe and secure.  In light of the tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai it is important to remember that all Americans play a vital role in homeland security.  Whether you live, work or recreate near the waterways of the United States you can assist the Coast Guard by remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious activity.

With this in mind, I would like to remind the public of the America’s Waterway Watch program.  America’s coasts, rivers, bridges, tunnels, ports, ships, military bases, and waterside industries may be the terrorists’ next targets. Though waterway security has been increased greatly in recent years, with more than 95,000 miles of shoreline, over 290,000 square miles of water, and approximately 70 million recreational boaters in the United States, the Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies can not do the job alone.

Please do your part and report: unusual surveillance of vessel or waterside facility operations, unattended boats near bridges, unusual diving activities, unauthorized vessels operating in restricted areas, or other suspicious activities.  Call the National Response Center at 1-877-24WATCH or radio the Coast Guard on marine channel 16.  Use 911 or marine channel 16 to report immediate dangers to life or property.  For your safety, I recommend boaters do not approach or engage anyone acting in a suspicious manner – call for help.

For more information on the America’s Waterways Watch program please click here.

Lieutenant Tony Migliorini

Public Affairs (CG-0922)

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