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John Konrad
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December 4, 2008

The above photo of the Norwegian Gem was from our failed attempt at an Ugly Ship category on gCaptain. The idea was good but our regular readers didn’t care to see these eyesores of modern construction litter this blog’s homepage. What the idea needed was a separate website! Lucky for us someone else, ShipSpotting photographer Sea-Bart, has run with the idea in launching

Here are a few gems from the collection:


Ugly Ship

Let’s start to say that the actual designs of the ships aren’t really head turners but as there are hundreds of these around it’s not really special anymore. No, it’s just about the paintjobs, they are hidious! Obviously the owners are big footballfans but why on earth would you paint your ships in the FC’s colors?? Especially the Borussia Dortmund must be a hell of a job to paint!


Ugly Ship Superstar

It’s a brand new vessel, build by the well-known and respected Fincantieri Yard and trading between Helsinki and Tallin. Apparently the vessel is painted this green color to emphasize the “Enviromental friendly aspects of the ship’s design” (quote from Tallink Promotion material). I would really like to know how the people on both sides of the Gulf of Finland have nicknamed this vessel.

It might be environmental friendly but it’s not so friendly to humans. I think a lot of people will be seasick, even before boarding the vessel. Migraine inducing is also something that pops up in my head.

CSO Apache

Ugly Ship CSO Apache

It looks like a giant (& failed) rollercoaster has crashed on this ship and pushed the bridge to one side. But nothing is less true or exyting. Its actually designed like this. It might be usefull, workable, etc, etc but pretty it aint!

We hope the site continues to find the most hideous floating objects because we are strangely hooked on these Ugly Ship photos.

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