Missile Defense Systems to Be Tested on JFK Jets

John Konrad
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January 5, 2008

American Airlines Passenger planes at JFK will be outfitted with a new missile defense system. Gothamist tells us:

The Dept. of Homeland Security is funding the installation of a number of anti-missile defense systems on commercial jets flying in and out of JFK Airport. The tests are the third stage of testing of a system that is already used by military aircraft. The defense system consists of equipment affixed to the bottom of the aircraft that electronically jams the heat-seeking component of shoulder filed missiles. The latter are referred to as man portable air defense systems, or MANPADs. The current test of the anti-MANPAD systems on jets is to see how the equipment holds up on the real world operating conditions of a commercial jet.

Could missile defense systems soon be mandated for cruise ships and is this something the industry would welcome or reject? The airline industry has strong opinions on the subject:

American Airlines contends that money would be better spent physically securing the approach and departure zones around the nation’s airports.

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