Finally Some Good News For Containership Owners

By Mike Wackett (TheLoadstar) Brokers are reporting good news for embattled containership owners this week in the container charter market, with a big rise in enquiries and improving daily hire rates. Shipping consultant Alphaliner said that, after recent increases in interest in larger vessel sizes, “demand is now filtering down to the medium-sizes, suggesting that a more … [Read more...]

Big Data – Top 20 Container Shipping Companies Visualized

Sometimes it's difficult to wrap our brains around large numbers generated by Big Data... like the relative size of shipping companies based on their total cargo capacity. Data visualizations (interactive charts) can help. <a href='#'><img alt='Largest Container Shipping Companies 2016 ' … [Read more...]

Evergreen’s Alphaliner Rebuttal

By Gavin van Marle Taiwanese shipping line Evergreen has denied that its fleet modernisation programme will significantly affect the overall supply can demand balance in global liner shipping. The company wrote to The Loadstar following our report last week on new research from container shipping analysis Alphaliner, which argued that “its capacity expansion has … [Read more...]

Global Containership Fleet Hits 16 Million TEU Mark

The International Maritime Oranization yesterday asked us to celebrate the Day of The Seafarer by honoring the theme, "it came by sea, I can't live without it!”. Now today, liner industry intelligence agency Alphaliner has released some figures that really hammer home the truth in that slogan. In it's weekly newsletter, Alphaliner has announced that the global … [Read more...]

Overcapacity in Liner Industry Expected to Accelerate [REPORT]

Container shipping industry analyst Alphaliner said today that overcapacity in the liner industry will continue into 2012 as supply growth continues to accelerate. In their weekly report, Alphaliner projected that the net growth of the world cellular containership fleet is expected to grow by 8.3% in 2012, compared to the 7.9% growth seen in 2011.  Alphaliner adds that some … [Read more...]