Big Data – Top 20 Container Shipping Companies Visualized

John Konrad
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August 18, 2016

largest-container-companiesSometimes it’s difficult to wrap our brains around large numbers generated by Big Data… like the relative size of shipping companies based on their total cargo capacity. Data visualizations (interactive charts) can help.

The data visualization above represents the worlds 20 largest container shipping companies by TEU capacity as per 19 August 2016 according to Alphaliner.

Today, there are 6,078 ships active on container liner trades, for a total of 20,708,553 TEU. Maersk currently run the largest fleet of container ships which, cumulatively, have the capacity to carry 3,193,139 TEU containers. This represents 15.4% of the market.

The last time gCaptain published this type of visualization was in January 2012… when the total size of the world’s container fleet was 15,899,687 TEU.

Want to learn more? Click HERE to visit Alphaliner and review the source data.

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