New ‘Harvey Sub-Sea’ Boosts Jones Act-Compliant Offshore Construction Fleet

Mike Schuler
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May 2, 2017

Harvey Sub-Sea. Credit: Harvey Gulf

New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine has taken delivery of the first of two large capacity Multi Purpose Support Vessels (MPSV) that will significantly strengthen the domestic Jones Act fleet of offshore construction vessels.

Built by Eastern Shipbuilding Group in Florida, the MV Harvey Sub-Sea is a “best in class” Jones Act-qualified vessel that has the technical capabilities to perform high quality field development activities that are currently being performed by a foreign fleet in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Delivery of the Harvey Sub-Sea comes as the U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) is finalizing a decision to revoke previous letter rulings impacting the enforcement of the Jones Act and permitting the use of foreign-flag vessels for subsea construction, inspection and maintenance activities in the GoM.

U.S. maritime industry interests, such as the Offshore Marine Service Association, hope the delivery of the Harvey Sub-Sea will put to rest the argument that Jones Act vessels do not have the capability to take on some of more sophisticated jobs in offshore oil and gas industry, especially within the deepwater construction market.

“Today ends the debate as to whether the U.S. Jones Act fleet of MPSV’s is capable of doing work that foreign vessels have been doing illegally in the Gulf for many years,” said Shane Guidry, Chairman and CEO of Harvey Gulf. “The Harvey Sub-Sea has the size, crane capacity, deck space, accommodation, equipment, and station keeping capability equivalent to, or better than, her foreign competitors.”

The 327-foot, 5,737 dwt MV Harvey Sub-sea is equipped with a 250-ton knuckle boom, heave compensated crane with 4000’ of wire. The crane’s winch is below deck, expanding lifting capacity and allowing loads of 107 metric tons in water depths up to 12,000 feet. The Sub-Sea has accommodation for 150 personnel, all in 1 or 2 person rooms, 13,000 sq. ft. of deck space and a 24-by-24-foot moon pool. It has a S61 (Heavy) Helideck and meets ABS DP2, SPS Code and MLC 2006 certification requirements, among many others.

“The Harvey Sub-Sea can perform a broad spectrum of subsea installations and removals, inspection, repair and floatel services. It can be equipped to lay umbilicals and cables and perform well-intervention and hydrate remediation operations. If there is a MPSV job needed in the Gulf, she can do it,” Guidry said.

Harvey Sub-Sea’s sister vessel, the Harvey Blue-Sea, will be delivered later this year.

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