OMSA: Jones Act Decision is Not Only Disappointing – It is Alarming

Note: Below is editorial by the Offshore Marine Service Association in response to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency's recent decision to withdraw its proposal to modify and revoke letter rulings related to the enforcement of the Jones Act, allowing certain foreign-flagged vessels to continue working in U.S. offshore waters. This interview originally appeared … [Read more...]

U.S. Customs Agency Rules Against Jones Act Action – Foreign-Flag Construction Vessels to Stay in GoM

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency announced Wednesday it is withdrawing its notice of proposed modification and revocation of letter rulings related to its enforcement of the Jones Act, meaning there will be no changes to the coastwise law with regards to the current use of foreign-flagged vessels for certain offshore oil and gas operations … [Read more...]

New ‘Harvey Sub-Sea’ Boosts Jones Act-Compliant Offshore Construction Fleet

New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine has taken delivery of the first of two large capacity Multi Purpose Support Vessels (MPSV) that will significantly strengthen the domestic Jones Act fleet of offshore construction vessels. Built by Eastern Shipbuilding Group in Florida, the MV Harvey Sub-Sea is a “best in class” Jones Act-qualified vessel that has the … [Read more...]

Maritime During Trump’s First 100 Days: Not Exactly Smooth Sailing, But Infrastructure Still a Focus

By J. Michael Cavanaugh and Eric Lee (Holland & Knight) - With President Donald Trump's 100th day just completed, the trend towards protectionism continues, but Congress has not passed legislation that would convert the president's most protectionist ideals into law. Even so, there are common objectives among the two branches. Both the president and Congress seem … [Read more...]

Reinterpreting the Jones Act a Done Deal? Not So Fast

The way the Jones Act works offshore is in focus again because of a recent proposal from Customs and Border Protection. That agency proposed two days before President Trump was inaugurated to alter 25 rulings issued since 1976 and broaden where the Jones Act applies offshore. The Jones Act community argues that those rulings were always wrong and should be changed. They … [Read more...]