WATCH: Car Carrier’s Cargo Gets Tossed in Heavy Seas

Mike Schuler
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June 3, 2015

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Here’s a video just uploaded to the website LiveLeak that is going viral this week.

A quick shot of clinometer shows the car carrier was rolling 50+ degrees. As you can see, the heavy rolling caused some of the cargo to break lose, causing a good amount of damage to the cargo. OK, it was a lot a damage.

The original footage (see below) was actually posted to gCaptain (via Youtube) in 2008. According to the uploader, it was shot aboard an American Roll-On/Roll-Off car carrier on January 12, 2007 as the vessel battled 55-foot seas in the North Atlantic. If you look closely at the top right, you can actually see a crew member at the ~25 second mark struggling to gain his footing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any archived details about this incident, but perhaps some of you can shed some more light in the comments section.

Update: We are getting all sorts of emails about the circumstances surrounding the videos, and unfortunately we cannot independently verify any of the claims or authenticity. That said, we love a good sea story so feel free to share what you know in the comment section below.

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