Watch: Tall Ship Hits Small Sailing Dinghy The tall ship in this video is the German ship Mare Frisium. A version of the video was uploaded to Youtube by a viral video serve on July 1, 208. But after some digging, I found the original video was published in 2016 and has only a few thousand views to date. According to the original uploader, the incident occurred during a … [Read more...]

Yes, Drill Sergeant? Cell Phone Video Shows Texas A&M Maritime Academy Staff Member’s Heated Exchange with Cadet

A cell phone video showing a Texas A&M Maritime Academy staff member publicly scolding a cadet during a heated argument has people online saying that the staff member took things too far. The incident occurred May 29 on board the training ship Kennedy before it was due to depart Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts on summer sea term. In the video, posted bellow, a TAMUG staff … [Read more...]

Watch: Boat Lift Goes Really, Really Bad Here's another example of a crane taking on more than it can handle. This incident reportedly happened someplace in Russia. While things do not look good for the boat here, at least it wasn't a mega yacht!  … [Read more...]