WATCH: OSV Crew in Africa Performs Toto’s “Africa” in Viral Video

Mike Schuler
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October 3, 2013

You know what they say… When in Africa, create a mimed rendition music video of the 1983 smash hit “Africa” by Toto and post it on Youtube?

I actually don’t know anyone who says that, but that’s just what the crew of a Subsea 7 contracted OSV did and their video is making the rounds this week on the internets.

The video was shot by the crew of the Bourbon Peridot while off Equatorial Guinea in West Africa. Why? Because why not?

“I did the first couple of scenes with Subsea 7 guys, and then a couple of other guys on the boat thought it was good so they also wanted in,” Darren Flynn, the ship’s 33yo ROV pilot supervisor who came up with the idea, told the Energy Voice.

“As the thing progressed more and more people wanted in, from the captain to the company representative.”

35,000 views and counting. Where will it be at tomorrow?

H/T Richard Kern for the find

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