SPOTD – New York Welcomes World’s Largest CONRO

By Will Van Dorp - On January 9, 2015, two Atlantic Container Line (ACL) RORO/ Containerships (CONRO) entered New York harbor, one within 30 minutes of the other. The first, Atlantic Concert, has done so several hundred times since entering service in the mid-1980s. Following Atlantic Concert into port was Atlantic Star, the first of ACL’s “generation4” or G4 CONRO vessels. … [Read more...]

M/V Courage Arrives In Southampton, 100 Charred Vehicles Expected

A transporter ship that caught fire off the coast of Essex has arrived in Southampton. The American crew of the RoRo M/V Courage are reported safe after fighting a blaze using the ship's CO2 system when a cargo fire broke out on board Tuesday night. The vessel spent Wednesday afternoon anchored off the Isle of Wight before continuing to Southampton, her … [Read more...]

WATCH: Car Carrier’s Cargo Gets Tossed in Heavy Seas

Here’s a video just uploaded to the website LiveLeak that is going viral this week. A quick shot of clinometer shows the car carrier was rolling 50+ degrees. As you can see, the heavy rolling caused some of the cargo to break lose, causing a good amount of damage to the cargo. OK, it was a lot a damage. The original footage (see below) was actually posted to gCaptain … [Read more...]

US Flagged RoRo Fire Off Isle Of Wight

A ship's crew has been tackling a blaze on a transporter carrying cars and US military vehicles. The UK MCA has reported a fire was reported at 22:00 BST on Tuesday when the US-registered Courage was 40 miles off Harwich. The vessel is heading to Southampton under the watch of the UK National Maritime Operations Centre. Specialists from Hampshire Fire and Rescue … [Read more...]

Russian Port Officials Find Radioactive Truck on K-Line RoRo

By Shubin Aleksey Andreyevich, The Panamanian-flagged car carrier MALACCA HIGHWAY was held up at the port of Vladivostock on 11 September after customs officials found one of the trucks on board was radioactive. The ship was carrying a cargo of second-hand cars and trucks from Japan and a Mitsubishi Pajero was found to be emitting ionizing radiation 26 times greater than … [Read more...]