World Celebrates ‘Day of the Seafarer’

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June 25, 2014

Day of the seafarer

They say 90% of all goods are transported by sea, a staggering number that is only possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of the world’s estimated 1.5 million seafarers.

To honor this dedication, the International Maritime Organization has spearheaded an annual global campaign celebrating the Day of the Seafarer, an official United Nations international observance held each year on June 25.

For this year’s campaign, the IMO has invited the public to share their appreciating for the world’s seafarers by completing the sentence “Seafarers brought me….” and posting their thoughts on social media using #thankyouseafarers.

Not surprisingly, the public has responded with a resounding THANK YOU. To showcase what has been shared, IMO has set up a virtual wall showcasing the response.

Thank You Seafarers

But the day isn’t over yet. So head over to the wall, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the comment section here, or whichever social media platform you fancy and share you thanks by completing the sentence “Seafarers brought me…” using the hashtag #thankyouseafarers.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a look at what is being shared already:

IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu shares his personal contribution on a ‘real’ wall at IMO HQ.


Associated Ship Management Services says “#thankyouseafarers for putting your lives at risk and making our lives easier” and shared this great drawing. 10406767_761564217198581_835204219152571567_n

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