Hawaii Lava Tours Face New Limits After ‘Lava Bomb’ Incident

By Jolyn Rosa HONOLULU, July 17 (Reuters) - Hawaii lava tour boats faced tighter restrictions on Tuesday after 23 passengers were injured by a volcanic explosion, as authorities investigated whether a vessel hit by "lava bombs" went too close to molten rock oozing into the Ocean. The U.S. Coast Guard now requires boat captains to stay at least 300 meters (yards) from lava … [Read more...]

Twelve People Injured by Flying Lava Aboard Kilauea Volcano Tour Boat

A dozen people were injured on Monday when the tour boat they were on was struck by flying lava from the Kilauea volcano on Big Island of Hawaii. The U.S. Coast Guard said it received a report of 12 people injured aboard a lava tour boat off Kapoho Bay, HI, where lava from the erupting Kilauea Volcano has been entering the ocean in recent months.  The Coast … [Read more...]

Ships in Caribbean Told to Avoid Underwater Volcano ‘Kick ’em Jenny’ Due to Eruption Risk

Officials in the Caribbean island of Grenada are warning ships to steer clear of an underwater volcano due to increased seismic activity that could indicate the start of an eruption at any moment. On Tuesday, the Government of Grenada announced that the alert level for the submarine volcano Kick “em Jenny, located 8 km (5 mi) north of the island of Grenada, has been raised … [Read more...]

Dunkirk-Style Evacuation Underway In Vanuatu

by Alison Bevege (Reuters) - Vanuatu has launched a Dunkirk-style evacuation on the northern island of Ambae as a flotilla of boats rescues islanders from an erupting volcano. The eruption has polluted many of the island’s water sources leaving thousands of people in need of safe drinking water, Red Cross delegate Joe Cropp told Reuters by phone on Sunday. “Water is … [Read more...]

Cargo Ships Have Front Row Seat for Spectacular Volcano Eruption – Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUREX8aFbMs A couple of cargo ships had a front row seat for the eruption of the Mount Tavurvur volcano on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea on August 29, 2014. The eruption was so large that it sent lava and ash shooting thousands of feet into the air and produced a massive shockwave that could just about knock a person off their … [Read more...]