Port of Antwerp Opens Awe-Inspiring New Headquarters -PHOTOS

By Marilyn Haigh ANTWERP, Belgium, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Europe's second-biggest port has cut a distinct new shape into its skyline. Architect Zaha Hadid's Antwerp Port House, officially opened this week, integrates modern design with the city's history as a pioneer global trading hub and diamond center. Made of 2,000 triangular glass panels, it cost 55 million euros ($62 … [Read more...]

New Uses for Shipping Containers in a Postmodern World

- By Lauga Oskarsdottir, MTS Logistics There are over seventeen million shipping containers in the world. Have you ever wondered where they go when their time is up? There are several amazing ways one can utilize these steel structures at the end of their voyaging life. The abundance and relative cheapness (some sell for as little as $900) of containers during the last … [Read more...]

Ships In Concrete – Best Maritime Inspired Architecture

gCaptain searches the web each week to bring you the world's most interesting and inspiring ships, but you don't need to be a naval architect to design an imaginative vessel. The are the world's best examples of buildings inspired by ocean going ships. National Theater - Hungary Japanese Maritime Museum … [Read more...]

Bridge Designs – 5 Most Ambitious of Today

History is littered with bridges designed to do the impossible. One example, Euroroute (pictured above), would literally take drivers through the White Cliffs of Dover to an island five miles into the English Channel where a tunnel would bring drivers the twenty remaining miles to France. This bridge designs was never built of course but the dream existed. Today bridges are … [Read more...]

Shipping Container Dormitory

Keetwonen, 1000 shipping containers from China modified into student housing in Amsterdam, is the largest shipping container housing development in the world.  It has been praised for its innovation, cost effectiveness and design. For students, living in modified shipping containers is actually better than it sounds on paper.  Each unit addresses many of the common concerns … [Read more...]