Shipping Container Dormitory

Mike Schuler
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May 2, 2009

Keetwonen, 1000 shipping containers from China modified into student housing in Amsterdam, is the largest shipping container housing development in the world.  It has been praised for its innovation, cost effectiveness and design.

For students, living in modified shipping containers is actually better than it sounds on paper.  Each unit addresses many of the common concerns for students living in student housing such as privacy and cleanliness, while retaining the social aspects of living in dorms.  Each unit includes amenities such as private bathroom, kitchen, separate sleeping and study room areas, ventilation, heat, hot water heater, large windows and even private balcony.

I know that while I was in school I always wanted to get off campus for the basic reason of being able to get away with the things I couldn’t get away with while on campus.  However, I’m sure Amsterdam dormitories have a whole different set of rules than dorms here in the states.

Here’s a video on the project with a peek inside the units.

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