Oil Rig Resort – Reusing Decommissioned Oil Rigs in Gulf of Mexico

Mike Schuler
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February 24, 2009

Oil Rig Resort

While this may or may not fit your idea of the perfect luxurious destination hotel, you have to admit, the concept is an interesting one.  In fact, the conceptual project won the Houston based architecture and design firm, Morris Architects, first prize at the Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards.  Perhaps best of all, you will not have to travel all the way to Dubai for your luxurious getaway, as Morris Architecture plans on using decommissioned oil rigs right here in the Gulf of Mexico for their high-end, self-sufficient, eco-friendly Oil Rig Resort and Spa.

Morris Architects tells us more:

The challenge: Create a truly unique hospitality experience. Given Morris’ commitment to environmental stewardship, our solution went beyond high-end design – we showcased how sustainable strategies can inform the luxury resort experience. The Rig Resort’s aesthetics evoke an ocean reef with modern flair. Views include ocean vantages – even through the lobby’s glass floor – as well as of the roof-top white sand “beach” and infinity pool beyond. Spaces are organized around a core of water that stabilizes the rig while serving as a venue for aquatic shows. To explore the lush habitats often spawned at rig sites, resort amenities highlight ocean-going and undersea sports. Morris’s emphasis on sustainability mandated maximum re-use of the existing rig infrastructure. Pre-fabricated guest-room modules “close up” for protection during adverse weather. The resort harnesses wind, waves, and sun to generate energy miles from shore.

Each rig will be retrofitted with over 300 prefabricated rooms that will be brought in on ships.  The resort will also have a conference facility and ballroom for events, fitness center and spa, dining and shopping and a boat launch and slips among other amenities for its guests.

For now, I guess only time will tell if this ever catches on.

Credits: Curbed LA, Inhabitat and Jetson Green


Morris-guest suites

oil rig resort and spa


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