Nautical Scavengers – The Ferry Houseboat

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May 2, 2008


Inhabitat brings us the RECYCLED FERRY HOME. They write:

How many of you have wished you could trade your apartment & crappy office space for a floating live/work houseboat in the San Francisco Bay? I know I have. I came across an article in last week’s New York Times (LINK) which refueled my hope that one day those houseboat dreams could actually come true. The inspiring article I read profiled Olle Lundberg, a modernist architect who works with salvaged industrial materials. Lundberg has a couple of amazing houses in the San Francisco bay area and basically lives the life that I would like to be leading someday as a successful eco-architect, commuting between two stunning residences built from entirely by hand, from salvaged material.

For more maritime inspired architecture click HERE.

(Thanks nubricks)


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