Hong Kong Ship Shopping Mall – Ship Docked In The Middle Of City Pleases Shoppers

Mike Schuler
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July 26, 2008

Is it just me, or does something seem out of place here?

Located in the middle of Hong Kong’s largest private housing estate, Whompoa Garden, this cruise ship is  actually a huge shopping center.  Within it is more than 200 shops and restaurants, making it one of Whompoa Garden’s premier shopping locations.

On a side note, Whompoa Garden, including the shopping mall, was built by Huchtinson Whompoa Property on the former site of Kowloon Dock, or Whompoa Dock for short, previously the Hong Kong and Whompoa Dock Company Limited.  According to their website:

The company was established in 1863 to acquire docks and repair yards at Whampoa, on the Canton River in China, and the then newly constructed dry docks at Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island. In 1866, the company became the holder of the first Hong Kong business registration certificate issued under the new Companies Ordinance.

The company ran one of the largest dry-docking, ship repair and shipbuilding operations in the Far East for over a century, survived two World Wars and, at its peak, handled an average of 25 vessels per week. In 1960, it was servicing the ships of no fewer than 23 nationalities and 9 navies.

Check out the rest of its interesting history HERE.

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