Maritime Flags of Convenience Visualized

  We recently decided to get to work on some maritime visualizations. Above is a bubble graph I created representing the number of ships registered to each flag state.   This graph is even more interesting, it shows the number of ships registered to each country by foreign owners. Notice the Flags of Convenience? Some will also be … [Read more...]

Emma Maersk’s Wärtsilä-Sulzer Super Ship Engine – Part 2

Back... Click HERE to read Part 1 of our Mega Engine Series The Emma Maersk's Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel ship engine is the most powerful and most efficient prime-mover of super ships in the world today. The RTA96-C is the largest engine in the world and is available in 6 through 14 cylinder versions, all are inline engines. These … [Read more...]

Fire in the Sky – What Causes Auroras?

The following article originally appeared on,'s sister site and the leading ski and snowboard industry website. By Dr. Kaye, Aurora are a frequent visitor to the dark skies in the high northern and southern latitudes. The winter skies in Alaska, Norway, Iceland, and Siberia experience aurora borealis, whereas down … [Read more...]

A gCaptain Halloween – Navy Ships in Razzle Dazzle

Some of you may remember a cartoon which appeared during World War I, a drawing showing an inquisitive stranger talking with the gateman at a railway crossing. The gate was painted with the usual black and white stripes, and lying on the river beyond the tracks was a steamer painted with similar markings. The stranger asked, "Why do they paint the stripes on the gate?" And the … [Read more...]