Anti-Typhoon Technology: Submarines

Similar to the Atlantic Hurricane season, the Western Pacific is under constant threat of devastating typhoon's nearly year-round.  This threat has lead a Japanese company to develop a new technology that, in theory, will reduce the impact of typhoons on coastal communities and shorelines.  Popular Science has the details: Under the plan, a fleet of about 20 subs would dive … [Read more...]

Bizarre Maritime Technology – A Desalination Plant From The Future

From our bizarre ideas file comes the M/V Seadove or "Sustainable Energy and Desalination on Vessel" The ship is an Australian invention that hopes to cost-effectively solve coastal region water shortages around the world using "green marine technology". The company tells us: Seadov technology uses a combination of renewable energy and marine technology. Its reverse osmosis … [Read more...]

Bill Gates Turns to Fighting Hurricanes

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy So what does a semi-retired mega-billionaire philanthropist do with his spare time? Fight some of the strongest forces mother nature has to produce, of course. NBC's Today Show did a segment on Friday (clip above) explaining Bill Gates' patent-pending idea to tame hurricanes before they make … [Read more...]

Cities at Sea: A look at some possibilities

The Seasteading Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating permanent cities at sea as a way to experiment with building new societies without government intereference (as I understand it anyway), has just released the winners from their first 3-D Design Competition.  The winner was 27 year architectural graphic designer from Eger, Hungary named András Gyõrfi … [Read more...]

Tubes In The Ocean – Bizarre Marine Technology

For this week's pick of Bizarre Marine Technology we wanted to go with Glacier Blankets but, although they would likely be transported to the Artic on ships, the relationship to marine transport is thin. But don't worry, we have an equally interesting technology for you today... ocean tubes. We'll let Atomocean, the company developing this technology, explain: Atmocean is … [Read more...]