Bizarre Maritime Technology – A Desalination Plant From The Future

John Konrad
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September 16, 2009

Seadov - Wind Powered Ship

From our bizarre ideas file comes the M/V Seadove or “Sustainable Energy and Desalination on Vessel” The ship is an Australian invention that hopes to cost-effectively solve coastal region water shortages around the world using “green marine technology”. The company tells us:

Seadov technology uses a combination of renewable energy and marine technology. Its reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plant is installed and powered by green energy produced on board the vessel, which is typically positioned 10 kilometres offshore. The potable water produced on the vessel is pumped to shore for final treatment before being injected into the local water grid or reservoir.
The project is a planned joint venture between Gold Coast-based technology developer Seadov Pty Ltd and a North American marine consortium.

Seadov chairman Peter Parker says the innovative project will provide a perfect addition to existing desalination plants stating; “The breakthrough with Seadov is the effective adaptation of renewable energy devices within a marine environment to cost-effectively produce potable water for coastal regions in most parts of the world.”

You can read more about Seadov and watch the company’s video by visiting their website at

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