Stealth Warship – HMS Daring

John Konrad
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August 12, 2007

We don’t usually cover Navy stories but think the stealth design on a ship this size is impressive, even if the radar signature is not 100% invisible.

So… Never Sea Land blog brings us Britain’s New Stealth Ship, the HMS Daring:

HMS Daring, billed as the world’s most advanced warship, slipped its moorings on the Clyde to begin tests off the west coast of Scotland.

The £1 billion destroyer features the latest propulsion, anti-aircraft weapon and stealth technology – and is the first warship to have a designated gym. Its radar equipment can track a cricket ball moving at up to three times the speed of sound, and it has a range of hundreds of miles.

The 500ft vessel can also make itself appear as small as a fishing boat to enemy radar, and is armed with missiles 20 times more maneuverable than a Formula One car.

Read the full coverage over at Never Sea Land: LINK



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