‘Jag Laadki’ Master Banned from Fujairah Following Collisions

Mike Schuler
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March 1, 2017

Damage to the Al Khattiya.

The captain of the Indian tanker that rammed the side of a LNG carrier and another vessel while navigating through vessels at a Fujairah offshore anchorage has been banned from commanding vessels calling at the port, a document from Port of Fujairah shows. The port has also imposed a fine of nearly $22,000. 

The accident occurred February 23 as the Indian-flagged MT Jag Laadki made contact with the anchored LNG carriers Al Khattiya and later Iglc Anka at the Fujairah Offshore Anchorage in the United Arab Emirates.

An AIS animation shows the MT Jag Laadki enter the anchorage and slam directly into the starboard side of the Al Khattiya before continuing on and eventually making contact the Iglc Anka about a half hour later.

According to a document posted online from the Port of Fujairah, an investigation revealed that the Master of the Jag Laadki, Captain Aniruddha Paraukar, had poor knowledge in maneuvering ships and ignored the “International Rule of Routes”, which ultimately led to the collision. The two LNG carriers were anchored in the anchorage’s “D” area, and visibility and weather conditions were good at the time.

Based on the investigations, the Fujairah Port Authority ruled that Captain Paraukar will no longer be allowed to command vessels calling at the Port of Fujairah and the Fujairah Offshore Anchorage. Further, a fine of AED 80,000 (approx. $21,800) has been imposed on the Master for ignoring the International Rules of Routes and causing threat to nearby vessels. The fine will be debited to the account of Yacht International LLC, the ship’s local agent, the document said.

As a result, sailing of the Jag Laadki from the anchorage, where the vessel remained as of Wednesday, will be with the assistance of a pilot and tugs considering Captain Paraukar’s inability to maneuverer his ship through anchored vessels. Charges related to the piloting will also be debited to the ship agent.

No injuries or pollution were reported as a result of the incident. The Al Khattiya had the worst of the damage with two ballast tanks breached, but no reported damage to the ship’s LNG containment system.


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