Cosco Busan Departs San Francisco

John Konrad
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December 21, 2007

This time the Cosco Busan’s departure is not a drill and we made sure to get video evidence of the fact!

The San Francisco Chronicle tells us;

The U.S. Coast Guard said temporary repairs to the 900-foot Cosco Busan had been completed and that the vessel and the crew were cleared to sail. The ship passed under the Golden Gate Bridge around 11:30 a.m.

Meanwhile, Caltrans officials announced that repairs on the Bay Bridge fender that the ship hit and shattered also have been completed.

The Coast Guard had been concerned about the Cosco Busan’s seaworthiness and the crew’s training in bridge management. The agency also wanted to ensure that U.S. legal interests would be protected, because several lawsuits have been filed against the ship’s owner, Regal Stone Ltd. of Hong Kong, as well as its insurer and the man piloting the ship when the accident happened, John Cota.

Regal Stone has posted a bond for the ship’s $79.5 million value with the federal government. The agreement on the security bond does not limit how much the government can seek in damages from the spill.

The ship also has a $300 million insurance policy, which is a requirement under California law, said Steve Edinger, assistant chief of the Department of Fish and Game’s law enforcement division.

“The Cosco Busan has left, and everything we needed from the vessel for our investigation we did obtain,” said Edinger, whose agency oversaw the cleanup efforts. “We are progressing the way we would normally expect in (any) oil spill.” Continue Reading…

(Coast Guard video by District Eleven Public Affairs)

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