“I think the pilot turned off the radio!”

By Owen Palmiotti (Coeval, Inc.)...I may have been in diapers when I first learned about communicating. Back then, I was most likely talking to my brother about which crayon tasted the best or what box of fruit juice had the coolest splatter pattern. We learn most of the basic elements of communication when we are toddlers. This communication grows and matures through … [Read more...]

Infamous Cosco Busan Pilot Will NOT Get His License Back

John Cota, the former San Francisco pilot who infamously crashed the M/V Cosco Busan into the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on a typical foggy morning in November 2007 causing the discharge of some 53,000 gallons of oil, will not be getting his license back. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White on Monday dismissed a lawsuit from Cota … [Read more...]

John Cota Suing Coast Guard Over License

John Cota, the infamous San Francisco bar pilot who crashed the Cosco Busan into the Bay Bridge in 2007, is suing the U.S. Coast Guard to get his license back. In the lawsuit, which is cited in a report by the San Francisco Chronicle, John Cota and his legal team claim that in 2008 the Coast Guard tricked him into surrendering his credentials in a "sham" voluntary agreement, … [Read more...]

OSG Tanker Cleared to Sail After Bridge Allision

The U.S. Coast Guard on Friday said that it has completed interviews, evidence collection, and a thorough safety inspection onboard the Overseas Reymar tanker and has cleared the vessel to sail. The 752-foot Marshall Islands-flagged tanker has been anchored in San Francisco Bay’s Anchorage 7 after alliding with tower six, also known as the “echo” tower, of the … [Read more...]

Was Speed a Factor in the Overseas Reymar Allision?

As the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board launch their investigation into Monday's tanker allision with the San Francisco Bay Bridge, information available to the public has hinted that excessive speed coupled with poor visibility may have played a role. But was speed really a factor in this case? As we reported yesterday, the 752-foot Marshall … [Read more...]