KPI Bridge Oil Appoints Vice CEO and new MD for its North American Operations

London, 30th April 2013 – KPI Bridge Oil, a leading global broker and trader in marine bunkers, marine lubricants and risk management products, has appointed Rob Atkinson as Vice CEO for the group and Jesper Rasmussen as Managing Director for its North American operations. Rob Atkinson has held a senior position in the company since joining Kristensons-Petroleum, Inc. … [Read more...]

Friday Bunker Update: The Decline in Oil Prices Continues…

14-21 June 2012 Composite close - $660.95 MT Oil prices continued their fall this past week as WTI reached new eight month lows and Brent reached lows that have not been seen since December 2010.  The main reasons for the continued decline are largely unchanged.  Overall, when speculators run the market up beyond what is reasonable in anticipation of a major international … [Read more...]

Friday Bunker Update: Have we found a near term bottom?

A lot of news this week, but not much total change in oil prices.  Minute by minute volatility is the only constant we have in this market.  While it is more of the same news, a lot if the news items people have been speculating about have cemented.  The Spanish bailout happened, the market went down.  OPEC maintained their current production quotas, the market went down.  We … [Read more...]

Friday Bunker Update: Oil prices vs. Iran, Stimulus, Debt Concerns!

In this week's As the Oil Pump's: With holidays in a number of locations on Monday and Tuesday there was limited trading done on the world's commodity exchanges.  Along with limited volume, comes higher volatility as it is easier for market players to move the market in one direction or the other.  At the beginning of the week we saw markets moving up anticipating stimulus … [Read more...]

Friday Bunker Update: Oil prices Retract over 17% in the Month of May

The downward trend in oil prices continues unabated.  Spain's credit rating decline created an even greater concern over sovereign debt in the Euro zone.  It is starting to appear that once again the world is headed back into recession.  With all global economic indicators showing everything is slowing down we have seen a dramatic decline in oil prices and commodities in … [Read more...]