High Wind and Wave Events Crossing the Gulf Stream, Explained

Crossing the Gulf Stream where ocean currents can exceed 2 knots takes some skill and if you try in under certain weather conditions, could be dangerous for any size vessel. High wind and wave events can occur under certain conditions along the northern edge of warm, fast western boundary currents like the Gulf Stream off the US East Coast. Other areas with similar conditions … [Read more...]

Dangerous North Atlantic Storm Impacting Shipping Lanes

A developing hurricane force storm low over the west-central North Atlantic continues to move eastward at 35 knots producing winds of 55-75 knots with significant wave heights up to 12 meters (40 feet) within 180 NM south and 120 NM west of the center. Over the next 24 hours max winds will be between 50-75 knots with significant wave heights to 15 meters (50 feet) within 240 NM … [Read more...]

Merging Pacific Storms Could Produce 17-Meter Wave Heights

Update: This storm has produced significant wave heights in excess of 57.8 feet (19.6 m)! Read the update here. Post-Tropical Hurricane Force Storm Lan will move rapidly northeast and transfer its energy to a developing storm low that will move towards the southwestern Bering Sea and western Aleutian islands. This developing storm will deepen very rapidly to a dangerous … [Read more...]

With 3 Named Storms Already, What Should We Expect for the Remainder 2017 North Atlantic Hurricane Season?

By Fred Pickhardt (Ocean Weather Services) - Given the unusual occurrence of 3 named tropical cyclones prior to the end of June, one might ask what should we expect for the remainder of the 2017 hurricane season? A number of forecast centers have already made their predictions for the 2017 hurricane season with most sources predicting either a normal to somewhat above normal … [Read more...]