Storm Rages North of Scotland With 17 Meter Significant Wave Heights

noaa opc significant wave height analysis

An intense hurricane force storm is forecast to move from south of Iceland towards the coast of Norway on Monday with a large area of winds forces 10-12 (50-70 knots) which will cause waves to build upwards of 14 meters (46 ft.). Over the northeastern North Atlantic.

This storm is not as deep as the recent 930 mb storm, however due to strong high pressure near the Azores there will be a strong pressure gradient that will result in a fairly large area of storm force or higher winds.

Update: Monday February 4th:  The intense storm low is producing significant wave heights of up to 17 meters (about 56 ft).  The significant wave height is the average of the 1/3 heights so individual waves could be much higher!  Not a good time to be departing westbound via north of Scotland….

Visual at 12Z 4 February
Visual at 12Z 4 February