Merging Pacific Storms Could Produce 17-Meter Wave Heights

Fred Pickhardt
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October 23, 2017

Update: This storm has produced significant wave heights in excess of 57.8 feet (19.6 m)! Read the update here.

Post-Tropical Hurricane Force Storm Lan will move rapidly northeast and transfer its energy to a developing storm low that will move towards the southwestern Bering Sea and western Aleutian islands.

This developing storm will deepen very rapidly to a dangerous 939 MB hurricane force storm creating winds of 55 to 75 knots and seas building 36-56 feet (11-17 meters) within 360 NM SE and 420 NM SW of the center within 24-36 hours. This will create a dangerous situation for ship traffic steaming along northern Pacific routes.

Wind and Wave Forecast

Check out the 17-meter wave heights! Remember, significant waves heights is based on the average height of the tallest one third of the waves, so individual waves can be much taller!

48 Hour Surface Forecast

A dangerous 939 MB hurricane force storm in the forecast.

So how will these waves stack up among the world’s biggest? In 2016, a recorded 19-Meter wave height recorded in the North Atlantic set a new world record.

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