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Hurricane Force Storm with 40+ Foot Seas Off U.S. West Coast

Suomi-NPP VIIRS Day Night Band. 1040 UTC, January 4, 2023. CIMSS/SSEC/UW-Madison/NOAA/NASA

Hurricane Force Storm with 40+ Foot Seas Off U.S. West Coast

Fred Pickhardt
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January 4, 2023

An intense storm low over the eastern North Pacific is currently moving towards the northeast at about 20 kts and is producing winds of 50-70 knots with significant wave heights up to 12.5-13.5 meters (41-45 feet) within 120-360 nm south and west of the center.

NOAA forecasters have issued gale to storm warnings along the entire US West Coast where hurricane force wind gusts are possible along with heavy rain and snow over land.

The Other Hurricane Season  

Each year there are, on average, about 6 hurricanes in the North Atlantic, 8 in the Eastern North Pacific and 17 Typhoons in the western North Pacific. Few people (outside of Mariners) realize that there is another season of hurricane winds that occurs over both the North Atlantic and the North Pacific Ocean and runs from September to May. These storms do not track through the tropics, but instead are associated with the extratropical cyclones of the mid-latitudes. Read More…

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