What is the Role of the Oceans in Global Warming/Climate Change?

Global Conveyor Belt Ocean Currents

There has been much press and controversy in recent years about global warming or climate change. Opinions range from doomsday scenarios to absolute disbelief. As a meteorologist (not climatologist), I say that the truth is somewhere in between these extremes. Although climatologists and meteorologists debate the merits of global climate change theory, there are some facts … [Read more...]

North Atlantic Tropics Becoming Active

TS Erin 1145Z 15 Aug 2013 Visible Satellite image via NOAA

TS Erin formed late Wednesday over the eastern North Atlantic and was moving west-northwestward at about 13 knots with max winds of about 35 knots. Conditions are favorable during the next 48 to 72 hours for some slow development , however, after that drier air may tend to weaken this system. Time will tell if Erin survives the dry air or not. Latest Forecast Track and … [Read more...]

Super Typhoon Utor Nears Luzon Coast

super typhoon utor

Utor is now a Super Typhoon with max winds of about 130 knots as it approaches the coast of Luzon and could be as strong as 135-140 knots in squalls. Landfall is still expected between 18Z and 21Z today. Utor will weaken as it crosses over Luzon, however will likely remain at typhoon strength when it moves out over the South China Sea after 06Z 12th followed by some … [Read more...]

1993 Superstorm Remembered

Satellite imagery of the "Storm of the Century" on March 13, 1993.

This week, back in 1993, was one of the most intense East Coast Storms ever seen. Early on March 13, 1993 an unusually severe extratropical low moved ashore from the Gulf of Mexico hitting western Florida with hurricane force winds and a hurricane like tidal surge of up to 12 feet. Along Florida’s Gulf Coast this storm is remembered as the “No-Name Storm”. … [Read more...]

Intense Storm Affecting North Atlantic Shipping Routes [UPDATE]


UDPATE The hurricane force storm that was over the western North Atlantic shipping lanes Feb. 23rd-24th has weakened and turned northward towards Greenland, however, a second storm has developed off the US East Coast over night moving eastward and is also producing storm to hurricane force winds (50-65 knots) with waves forecast to build also up to over 11 meters (38 … [Read more...]

Storm Rages North of Scotland With 17 Meter Significant Wave Heights

noaa opc significant wave height analysis

An intense hurricane force storm is forecast to move from south of Iceland towards the coast of Norway on Monday with a large area of winds forces 10-12 (50-70 knots) which will cause waves to build upwards of 14 meters (46 ft.). Over the northeastern North Atlantic. This storm is not as deep as the recent 930 mb storm, however due to strong high pressure near the Azores … [Read more...]

BOOM! Intense North Atlantic Storm Drops to 930 Millibars! [REVIEW]

NOAA OPC Surface Forecast 12Z 25 January 2013 showing developing hurricane force storm

Last weekend saw an unusually intense hurricane force extratropical storm low over the North Atlantic.  An active weather pattern started showing up on computer models more than a week earlier and by the 21st, the official NOAA “96 hour North Atlantic surface forecast chart” showed a rapidly deepening 977mb storm low over the central North Atlantic for 12Z Friday … [Read more...]