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John Konrad
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October 3, 2008

worlds toughest fixes - NatGeo

We have seen a host of Maritime reality shows come on air in the past year. Some, like Deadliest Catch, have done really well while others, America’s Port, have less certain fates. While we have enjoyed them all, it’s the shows that put mariners up against tough challenges which catch the excitement of broader audiences. NatGeo’s new show will do just that. It’s called “World’s Toughest Fixes” and like some of the other Engineering shows (Engineering Connections, Man MadeMega Ships, Ultimate Oil Rigs, Disasters At Sea…) they produce, we are sure the maritime content will be amazing.

Here’s a brief overview of the show concept:

World’s Toughest Fixes takes you inside some of the most daunting repair jobs imaginable. Each one-hour episode follows Sean Riley as he pushes himself to the limit while working with some of the world’s top mechanics, showing viewers how these challenging fixes are tackled.

A professional rigger with a passion for adventure, Riley isn’t afraid to strap on a hazmat suit or attach himself to a live high-voltage power line to get the job done. He’s seen more than his fair share of perilous situations, but on each job he has to show the crew he knows his stuff. Read More…

Anmiation showing the repair of an Oil Rig's thruster

For the first maritime themed episode Sean dives under the storied vessel DCV Balder (her first job was constructing the Piper Alpha) to replace a busted 38-ton thruster with a broken engine. Here is the video:

Watch the full resolution video HERE.

Also stay tuned for the ManMade episode Deep Sea Drillers. gCaptain has loyal readers on most of the vessels it will featur.

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