Spot Messenger’s Secret Bunker – Houston TX

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October 2, 2008


Panbo brings us a peek inside the secret underground bunker of SPOT Messenger. They write;

SPOT_diagramMy PMY March column about SPOT is now online, and you’ll see that I gave the company guff for what I thought was “hyped-up fear marketing.” But in fact they’ve toned that down quite a bit recently. The “Live to tell about it” tag line is still around, but the home page closeup of the toothy, drooling bear and the lame homilies—like the one about coming home in coach instead of in cargo—have vanished. I’d like to think I had something to do with it, but more likely is the marketing realization that Spot’s real draw is its ability to do tracking and non-distress messaging.

It’s easy to make the argument, as I did, that a PLB is a more reliable distress device, and costs about the same over time. However, there’s an interesting exception for people adventuring in the third world. That’s because Spot’s private rescue center operator, GEOS Alliance, can purportedly help you out in ways that many official third world SAR operations can not. Like helicopter extraction!  Plus it’s only another $8 on top of your annual $99 Spot subscription to get $100,000 worth of such private rescue service.

Be sure to read the rest of the article located HERE. Also be sure to check out our previous SPOT Messenger and EPIRB articles.

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