Personal Locator Beacons – EPIRBS For Your Lifejacket

gCaptain has long been a fan of the idea behind SPOT's personal locator devices but gCaptain readers have pointed out a major concern, a SPOT it is not a PLB (the personal equivalent of an EPIRB) . The SPOT device can send a distress message with your location but it doesn't go directly to the Coast Guard, rather it must first get routed through their private rescue … [Read more...]

EPIRB, GPIRB, ELT, PLB… What’s The Difference?

In the following video we discus the various types of Position Indicating Radio Beacons. We explore the diffrences between an EPIRB, GPIRB, ELT and the increasingly less expensive PLB's . We will also be taking a look at the  Spot Satellite Messenger and ask if it's the right solution for your emergency locator redundancy … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide | Spot Messenger Package – $60 Off

The gCaptain SPOT Messenger Contest is now closed and the units are in the mail but for those looking to get a unit of their own West Marine has a killer deal. They write: Spot Messenger Package Deal! - $149.99 Value 12 months FREE tracking - $49.99 Value FREE Carrying Case - $19.99 Value Total Package Price - $149.99 Savings - $69.98 They also have: … [Read more...]

SPOT Messenger Contest – The Results Are In!

We are excited to announce the winners of our SPOT Messenger Contest. They have been chosen randomly from our list of comment contributors during the contest period. Overall a very productive contest with many worthy comments and very few disqualifications. Whether you are a winner or not we appreciate every comment you took the time to write! In order to truly randomize our … [Read more...]

Spot Messenger’s Secret Bunker – Houston TX

Panbo brings us a peek inside the secret underground bunker of SPOT Messenger. They write; My PMY March column about SPOT is now online, and you'll see that I gave the company guff for what I thought was “hyped-up fear marketing.” But in fact they've toned that down quite a bit recently. The “Live to tell about it” tag line is still around, but the home … [Read more...]