World’s Sexiest Sextant? You Decide

John Konrad
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March 3, 2009

World's Sexiest Sextant (a must see site) brings us what is reportedly “The Worlds Sexiest Sextant” or less smashingly called the Cassens & Plath Horizon Ultra. Why? Here’s their answer:

WIRED magazine ran an article that was a real surprise to me: It was about a sextant, and a very good looking sextant at that! This old school navigational device has some sexy styling that any sextant wielding star sailor would be proud to get their hands on. Take a look at the story and the picture of this excellent piece of retro nautical tech. Read More

Wired’s Take:

Like any good sextant, this $1,500 model measures the angle between the horizon and the sun, moon, or other celestial body, which helps you determine your coordinates to within a mile. What makes the Horizon Ultra stand out are its finishing touches: a brass-alloy frame to resist warping, a white enamel coating to deflect heat, and a lighted micro meter for judging angles at dawn or dusk. Just think how nice it’ll look next to your titanium and carbon-fiber abacus.

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