Superyacht MY SONG Lost from Cargo Ship During Transport

The big story from over the weekend was without question the loss of the 40-meter sailing yacht MY Song in the Mediterranean Sea after the superyacht fell from the deck of the cargo ship that was transporting it. The award-winning yacht, owned by Italian billionaire Pier Luigi Loro Piana, was being transported aboard the general cargo ship MV Brattinsborg when the incident … [Read more...]

Carr: Always Have an Exit Plan

By Michael Carr - Before you enter a channel, a harbor, a port, or any confined or restricted space you must have an exit plan. How do I get my ship out of here if things go south, or sideways, or not as planned or anticipated. Every experienced mariner is always thinking three, four, five steps ahead. Not just the next watch, but the next day, the next drill, next cargo … [Read more...]

You Should Deliver Yachts

By Michael Carr - “You should deliver yachts! Really, its good money and you will always have work.” “I’m not sure,” he replied to his friend’s recommendation. He was not a “yachty” at heart and was not sure about sailing rich people’s boats from place to place. But he did like to sail and certainly needed to work. “Just give it a try,” his friend encouraged. So he … [Read more...]

British Golden Globe Yachtswoman Rescued by Cargo Ship in South Pacific

LONDON, Dec 7 (Reuters) - British solo round-the-world yachtswoman Susie Goodall was rescued by a cargo ship on Friday after her boat capsized and lost its mast during a violent storm in the southern Pacific Ocean. The 29-year-old, the youngest entrant in the Golden Globe race, had waited two days for the Hong Kong-registered Tian Fu to arrive after sending a distress signal … [Read more...]

Close Reaching to San Salvador Island

By Michael Carr - He pondered the sailing chart, visualizing the route they would take tomorrow. He was still comparing options and resolving in his head the effects of set and drift, sailing angles, ocean currents, and arrival requirements. A warm tropical breeze blew in through the pilothouse’s portholes, and he could hear the familiar sounds of a marina; halyards … [Read more...]