WATCH: Three Little Pigs Prank Aboard USS Kennedy

Mike Schuler
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February 1, 2016

This video is making its way around the internet today as possibly one of the greatest pranks in U.S. Navy history. Now I don’t know if I’d go that far but it is pretty funny. From the uploader:

This was filmed in 1986 while I was stationed aboard the USS America CV-66. I was an Aircrewman/SAR Swimmer with HS-11 helo squadron. We were at the end of a 6 month deployment to the Indian Ocean/Mediterranean Sea. We were being relieved by the USS Kennedy. The fighter jet jocks got with us and came up with this slant, on an age old tradition, of releasing a greased pig, onto the deck of the relieving ship. Three pigs painted with Red, White and Blue food coloring and lathered in grease. The Kennedy never seen it coming! LOL

Three greased-up little red, white and blue pigs running around the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Ok that’s pretty funny. 

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