The Ship Breakers – Video

John Konrad
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September 6, 2007

[googlevideo][/googlevideo] tells us:

(CBS) This segment was originally broadcast on Nov. 5, 2006. It was updated on Aug. 29, 2007.

Now and then 60 Minutes take viewers to places they’ve never been to before. They are exotic places, the stuff of dreams. This is a story about one of those places. But as Bob Simon reports, the ship breaking beaches of Bangladesh belong more in a nightmare.

We all know how ships are born, how majestic vessels are nudged into the ocean with a bottle of champagne. But few of us know how they die. And hundreds of ships meet their death every year. From five-star ocean liners, to grubby freighters, literally dumped with all their steel, their asbestos, their toxins on the beaches of some the poorest countries in the world, countries like Bangladesh.

You can’t really believe how bad it is here, until you see it. Read More…

Many thanks to Fred Fry for the video link.

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