Accidents Prompt Pakistani to Halt Ship Breaking at Gadani Yards

Pakastani officials have reportedly shut down all ship breaking activities at Gadani yards after two separate accidents this month left three workers with critical injuries, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform said Friday. The first accident took place on October 11th when a tanker caught fire on the beach in Gadani. Fortunately, no casualties were recorded, but just a few days … [Read more...]

European Shipowners Request More Capacity Added to EU Ship Recycling List

European shipowners are asking for more capacity to be added to the EU list of approved ship recycling facilities that will come into play next year with entry into force of EU Ship Recycling Regulation. The European Community Shipowners' Association (ECSA) this week issued a statement welcoming the European Commission’s current inspections of facilities for consideration of … [Read more...]

169 Ships Sent to South Asian Shipbreakers in Second Quarter 2018

There were a total of 220 ships sent for demolition in the second quarter of 2018, with 169 of those sold to South Asian shipbreakers where they are driven ashore and dismantled by hand within the tidal zone, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform said in its Q2 report. Between April and June, the Platform tallied 6 deaths and 7 workers severely injured when breaking ships in … [Read more...]

Fire Hits VLCC Under Demolition at Gadani Shipbreaking Yard

A major fire tore through an end-of-life VLCC at the Gadani shipbreaking yard in Pakistan on Monday, marking yet another incident to underscore the dangers of scrapping vessels beaches. According to local media reports, the former German tanker ADA caught fire during its demolition at shipbreaking plot 116 at the yard. Four people were initially reported to be trapped on the … [Read more...]

NGO Shipbreaking Platform Slams Shipping Industry ‘Scaremongering’ to Undermine European Ship Recycling Regulation

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is accusing the shipping industry of using 'scaremonger' tactics and 'fake news' in order to get South Asian shipbreaking yards included on a list of EU-approved ship recycling facilities. According to the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, which promotes against the use of South Asia's 'beaching' yards, the shipping industry is quick to lament that … [Read more...]