Tick Tock The STCW Clock is Ticking

West Coast Maritime Training is adding more classes The deadline for the STCW Leadership and Managerial Skills required training is quickly coming due – 31 December 2016.   It is not enough just to have the certificate in hand, but a mariner must have their mariner credentials endorsed by NMC to be valid. Recent internal memos in NMC indicate that NMC is … [Read more...]

Raising Our Standards: Moving Beyond Basic Maritime Training

  By Jaquelyn Burton (Coeval, Inc.) For many of the everyday practices in the maritime world - there are standards. Some are regulatory, still others are policy, some are habitual and many more are best practices and recommendations. With the number and investigations into maritime accidents and losses becoming more public and transparent - it begs the … [Read more...]

STCW Leadership and Management Training in Las Vegas, NV

  11 July 2016– West Coast Maritime Training, Ltd  announced they will begin holding the USCG required Leadership and Managerial Skills training as mandated by the STCW in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning 22 August.   These classes will be held monthly for the rest of the year.  Tuition is $1099.  During this course, the class works through several … [Read more...]

Report Sounds Alarm On Future Officer Shortage

Looking into a career at sea? Your help is need now more than ever. That's according to a new report by BIMCO and the International Chamber of Shipping, which predicts a potential shortage of almost 150,000 officers by 2025. The latest five-year BIMCO/ICW Manpowere Report, launched Monday at the International Maritime Organization, forecasts that a serious shortage in the … [Read more...]