STCW Leadership and Management Training in Las Vegas, NV

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July 11, 2016

West Coast Maritime Training


11 July 2016West Coast Maritime Training, Ltd  announced they will begin holding the USCG required Leadership and Managerial Skills training as mandated by the STCW in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning 22 August.   These classes will be held monthly for the rest of the year.  Tuition is $1099.  During this course, the class works through several group scenarios, table top exercises, and case studies exercising leadership and managerial concepts taught by the class and each other! These activities are central along with leadership and management theory, lectures, discussions, and video presentations which are applicable to the maritime officer.

The classes are  held in a local “off strip” conference hotel just south of the resorts where costs are reasonable, the surroundings quiet, yet a close couple of miles away from the many attractions in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas is very inexpensive to fly to from Houston, Denver, and well under $100 dollars from anywhere in California.  There is free transportation to and from the airport to the hotel with free shuttle services to the Strip after classes.  Great discounts have been arranged for students should they stay at our conference hotel should they not want to stay at one of the resorts.

Captain Virgil Elkinton, managing director adds,  “One of  our many reasons for holding classes in Las Vegas is our focus on our students so they can make it a family vacation while they train. As mariners, we spend more than half of our lives away from our families spent at work.  Why not add some fun into the equation? We also shift our class hours some of the days and start a few hours later so our students can enjoy Vegas in the evening and have enough sleep before class the next day.”

Community service and Tuition assistance:  With the downturn in shipping many mariners have been laid off and are looking for work yet still require this STCW course so they can work.  West Coast Maritime Training has a program that if an unemployed mariner agrees to perform and donate their time to community service such as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, a homeless shelter, or perhaps sharing time with at an old- folks home, this service can be used to offset some the tuition for classes.  This way the class wins, the mariner wins, and most import, the community wins.


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