Tick Tock The STCW Clock is Ticking

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October 25, 2016

West Coast Maritime Training is adding more classes

The deadline for the STCW Leadership and Managerial Skills required training is quickly coming due – 31 December 2016.   It is not enough just to have the certificate in hand, but a mariner must have their mariner credentials endorsed by NMC to be valid.

Recent internal memos in NMC indicate that NMC is falling behind and are taking about 50 days to approve this STCW endorsement where their normal target date is 30 days.  This means, if a mariner requires this STCW endorsement to work and waits until mid-December to get this training, they may not be able to work well into February 2017.  The upcoming holidays will not help the credentialing timeline.

West Coast Maritime Training teaches only STCW Leadership and Managerial Skills.  More classes have been added in November and December in both Las Vegas ($899) and Bremerton, WA  ($699) to meet demands.  Las Vegas has been a desirable destination vacation site to hold training since flights from around the country are very reasonable and the accommodation package is excellent with very reasonable off strip pricing.  Some have made this training site a family event.


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