Killer Robots: Commercial Fishing ROVs Hunt For Venomous Predator Fish

By Ben Gruber (Reuters) As it turns out, some of the best cooks in the world think lionfish, a venomous predatory fish which is breeding out of control and destroying marine ecosystems in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is delicious. The chefs gathered in Bermuda on Wednesday for a competition dubbed the "Lionfish Throwdown" where they challenged one another to … [Read more...]

Humanoid Robotic Diver OceanOne May Revolutionize Subsea Exploration

Some really, really smart people at Stanford University have built human-like robot that they hope could one day revolutionize subsea exploration and other underwater tasks considered far too dangerous for human divers.  The humanoid robotic diver, named OceanOne, was presented Thursday at the History Museum in Marseille, where the OceanOne team … [Read more...]

HHI Introduces Miniature Shipbuilding Robots

South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipbuilder (and also a leading industrial robot manufacturer), says it has developed miniature welding robots for building ships. The compact design of the welding machine, measuring just 50 cm by 30 cm by 15cm when its welding arm is retracted, can operate in confined areas inaccessible to human welders. The … [Read more...]

A Floating Computer For The High Seas

Will robots soon take over the shipping lanes? San Francisco - Liquid Robotics has released its latest unmanned, autonomous marine robot. Dubbed the Wave Glider SV3, it is the world’s first hybrid wave and solar propelled unmanned ocean robot. The Wave Glider SV3 leverages the basic design principle of the highly successful Wave Glider SV2 platform. Introduced … [Read more...]

Crossing The Pacific With A Crew Of Zero

During an overcast and foggy day on November 17 four robots departed San Francisco on a voyage across the Pacific to ports in Japan and Australia. The crossing, a partnership between Liquid Robotics and technology companies like Google Earth, was designed to showcase new robotic ocean technology and foster scientific discoveries by collecting vast amounts of ocean data. All … [Read more...]