Magnetic-wheeled robot climbs ships to fight pirates

Mike Schuler
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May 11, 2011

(Photo: ReconRobotics)

The micro-robotic company ReconRobotics has developed what they hope is the new standard in piracy reconnaissance aboard ship, the Recon Scout Throwbot piracy reconnaissance system.  The system is based on a tiny, 1.2 lb. robot equipped with magnetic wheels that will, among other things, allow the remotely controlled robot to climb up and over the hull of a ship.  The company believes the prototype micro-robot platform could have immediate applications in maritime piracy interdiction and in protecting the lives of shipboard military personnel.

The magnetized robot is uses the Recon Scout Throwbot platform, which is widely used by military and law enforcement personnel to conduct immediate reconnaissance within dangerous and hostile environments. These robots are distinguished by their small size, rugged durability, versatility and ease of use. For example, the Recon Scout XT weighs just 1.2 pounds, can be deployed in five seconds and can survive throws of 120 feet. Like the Recon Scout XT, the magnetized concept robot is also equipped with an infrared optical system that enables it to see in complete darkness.

What do you think, can this new micro-robotic system get its sea legs?

Via ReconRobotics

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