Maritime Flags of Convenience Visualized

  We recently decided to get to work on some maritime visualizations. Above is a bubble graph I created representing the number of ships registered to each flag state.   This graph is even more interesting, it shows the number of ships registered to each country by foreign owners. Notice the Flags of Convenience? Some will also be … [Read more...]

Costa Concordia – The 3 Most Fatal Mistakes

What Really Killed Costa Concordia's Passengers? Captain Schettino has received a lot of criticism in the mainstream press and, possibly, even more from industry insiders including gCaptain for abandoning ship before the last passenger was safe. An important question is not being asked however... would his presence on the bridge have saved lives? The answer is likely … [Read more...]

Cunard Lines Appoints Its First Female Captain

We have a lot of people come to gCaptain asking us about what conditions are like for women seafarers.  Well, since we're men, we have no idea.  But, based on conclusion of a number of discussions in the forum about women in maritime, the overall consensus is that as long as a person works hard at their job it doesn't matter what gender, and women are eaqually as effective in … [Read more...]

Captain Landry Wins Shipmaster of the Year Award 2010

Here at, we are VERY happy to learn that Captain Alwin Landry has won the Lloyd's List's coveted Shipmaster of the Year Award 2010.  As some of you may know, we submitted Captain Landry as our nomination for the award after learning about his heroism and leadership on the night of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.  Captain Landry was master of the Tidewater vessel, … [Read more...]

Seized With Max Hardberger – A Nautical Book Review

It's every mariner's dream not just to command but commandeer, to sail without SOP's and to have an owner that's not only happy when you mark arrival on time, but ecstatic that you arrived at all. Rather today's captain faces an onslaught of emails, sat calls and other forms of nuisance from managers who don't understand the simple formula Distance / Max Speed = We Just … [Read more...]