Container Ship Captain – This Is My Job

John Konrad
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December 11, 2007

Captain Andy Merrill - Matson points us to Popular Mechanic’s feature “This Is My Job. World’s Coolest Professions“. This month’s feature; Container Ship Captain Andy Merrill, master of Matson’s M/V Manulani. They write;

From sailing to surfing to piloting 32,000-ton container ships, Andy Merrill has always felt at home on the ocean. Today, the 42-year-old clocks 70-day shifts as captain of Matson Navigation’s MV Manulani—navigating the hauler to some of the busiest ports in the world. Shanghai, for instance, docked 55,000 vessels last year. “It’s like they’re lining up elephants out there,” he says. Continue Reading…

Also be sure to check out Maston’s M/V Manulani Multimedia page where you can find the following video and more.

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